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OneMediaHub Help Center

OneMediaHub version 15.5

OneMediaHub is now on version 15.5, which includes these new capabilities:

1) xCloud - adds support for Facebook Videos and Dropbox
2) Filter content by source, for items uploaded by computer apps or added from external services such as Facebook and Dropbox
3) Search content using available attributes including ability to narrow search results
4) Share content with other apps on mobile devices
5) Android app user interface makeover
6) Updated contacts sync with Android device address book (Samsung devices initially)
7) Integration of analytics/segmentation tool in iOS app
8) Updated Windows Phone app
9) Many other enhancements and bug fixes

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Please note that OneMediaHub is a free demo for trying a personal cloud service.
As a demo, it provides 500M of storage to store some pictures, files, music and short videos, as well as contact and calendar data.
If you require more storage, please check with your mobile operator or service provider to see if they offer a personal cloud service powered by Funambol.

If you have a question about OneMediaHub, please see if it is in the Frequently Asked Questions or if not, please search our forum for a similar question.
If you cannot find it, you are welcome to post a question there.
As OneMediaHub is a demo service, we will attempt to respond but we cannot guarantee a response.
We also welcome your feedback in the forum.

Thank you for your interest in OneMediaHub,

-- The Funambol Team

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